By Mitch Custenborder | September 24, 2021

Broker dealers and banks have discovered that lots of people will make their financial services decisions based on their online experience – “how is my information delivered to me?” is ultimately the question being asked.  The…

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Defining Simplicity

By Mitch Custenborder | July 30, 2021

Simplicity is a concept that most agree is worth integrating in our lives. I’ve never heard someone say, “I’d really like to complicate my life more.”  But, I’ve heard plenty say, “It’d sure be nice to…

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One Thing At A Time

By Mitch Custenborder | July 16, 2021

A boss in my early 20s said to me once in passing: “One thing at a time, right?” Who knows what preoccupied me.  But do I ever remember feeling called out.  He put his finger right…

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10 Traits Of Happy Investors

By Mitch Custenborder | June 18, 2021

1. They don’t secretly demonize or idolize money.  A happy investor recognizes two sides of the same coin: that they could want all the money or resist money.  Either way, they’ll be caught in the same…

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Experience, Knowledge, Tradition

By Mitch Custenborder | June 10, 2021

All three contribute to how we get closer to knowing something as true and making something actionable. If either three stand alone, though, it’s a wobbly stool.  Nothing to self-correct or check and balance. Experience alone…

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Diversification And My Morning Run

By Mitch Custenborder | May 27, 2021

There’s common chatter amongst financial advisors and investment professionals about how often we need to defend diversification. Quite frequently, diversification will be out-performed by plenty of benchmarks. It’s the untimely market declines and the counter-intuitive amount…

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Tension: Clarity vs Unknown

By Mitch Custenborder | May 20, 2021

To state an obvious: there’s tension between making plans and embracing the unknown. Making plans gives us clarity, the plans energize us, and the plans give a ‘why’ to our day-to-day.  These plans dictate where and…

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By Mitch Custenborder | May 7, 2021

Most of what we accomplish is not from anything drastic that we do. There might be moments or milestones that feel drastic: graduations, marriages, child births, promotions, windfalls, retirement.  These are largely a result, though, of…

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What Is Wealth?

By Mitch Custenborder | April 23, 2021

Freedom. What is freedom? Time.  Hours in a day and years in a life grant the opportunity to generate more income and/or enjoy ourselves.  Time allows for money to grow, relationships to blossom, and careers to…

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Decision Making

By Mitch Custenborder | April 9, 2021

There are very few, if any, ‘right’ decisions. We don’t like admitting this because, darn it, what separates my success from your success?  It better be my right decisions and effort. As we scurry around collecting…

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