What is freedom?

Time.  Hours in a day and years in a life grant the opportunity to generate more income and/or enjoy ourselves.  Time allows for money to grow, relationships to blossom, and careers to flourish.  Compounding interest, the Eighth Wonder of the World, requires time.  The application of compounding interest is so broad that its tentacles reach all things that take place in time, not just a brokerage account. 

Health.  Our best rate of return likely comes from our career, not our stock picks.  The ability to work (and enjoy ourselves) depends on decent enough health. 

Enjoyable Career. The more ‘work’ can become ‘play’ the better version of ourselves the world receives.  Genuine interest lends itself to heightened senses and fewer mistakes.  In so doing, there’s also a stronger likelihood that we continue investing in what is probably our greatest income producing asset – our career.

Quality Relationships.  We’re at our best when sharing or serving.  Energy diminishes if our time, energy, and money is only concealed for ourselves.  Having an outlet to share our resources makes it all worthwhile. Circular feedback: out in slices, back in loaves.

Quiet Mind.  Being restless steals from all the above.  Often, subtraction is our greatest shortcut here.  I’ve heard it described this way in the creative process: not what did I make of a blank canvas, but what did I remove so that something was revealed?

Imagine doubling the efforts on the list above and concerning yourself less with an investment statement balance.

Our health habits, how we spend our time, who we spend our time with, the nature of our work, and degree of contentment becomes our net worth.

Not just paying lip service to the adage ‘money can’t buy happiness’, but authentically reconsidering our assets and liabilities.

Wealth is not money.  Although, they are sometimes correlated.

Wealth is freedom.

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