Most of what we accomplish is not from anything drastic that we do.

There might be moments or milestones that feel drastic: graduations, marriages, child births, promotions, windfalls, retirement. 

These are largely a result, though, of a bunch of boring behaviors. 

For most of us, we can probably reflect on milestone moments, and see the role that we played in making the event occur was basically underwhelming.

Behaviors like being consistently nice and doing what we said we’d do are actually the drivers to milestone experiences.  Less: where did do we it and what did we do.

Sometimes plans become reality, sometimes they don’t. 

Usually, a crowning ‘achievement’ or a milestone isn’t something we diligently plotted.  Sure, we might retire on the age we calculated, or an athlete may win the championship they’ve targeted since childhood. 

Just as likely, though, is that something happens in life that completely changes the course of action which produces an entirely different milestone.  And, we never knew otherwise.

So, then, the milestone or the achievement is more about what’s been thrown at us and how we responded.

And a successful response is, typically, quite boring.  Staying focused, accepting change, being nice, being reliable. 

There’s likely an unaccounted-for element in this critique of willingness to take on risk and how that is reconciled, but we can’t ignore the fact that going for a daily walk outside and eating lots of vegetables for 10 years is better than a crash diet and few months (or a few years even) of running.

These boring behaviors are what lead to uncontrollable events that then dictate our ultimate milestone moments.  Events like: the professional introduction, the initial connection between you and a spouse, why you were promotion worthy, or why you even had the desire to blaze an entrepreneurial trail.

Additionally, when we try to relieve ourselves from boredom, whatever difficult-to-decipher momentum working in our favor is usually disrupted.

Embracing – not just tolerating – the dullness that is inevitable to much of everyday life is a true skillset that needs cultivated and maintained.

Being wealthy is boring work. 

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