Mixed media forms based in the four virtues of courage, moderation, wisdom, and service.

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  • Courage: Living beyond the spreadsheet isn’t easy.  We like for our life to square up in Excel cells.  Striving for certitude comes so much more naturally than mystery and Harry Snyder’s style of leadership really resonated with me and as David Perrell points out: there’s a difference between “spreadsheet informed and spreadsheet driven”.
  • Moderation: A short and sweet Twitter post from the ‘Psychology of Money’ explaining the formulation of financial bubbles :
  • Wisdom: Turns out that business is an infinite game …. The idea is to perpetuate the game, not have a beginning, middle, and end.  What are the implications of this mindset?
  • Service: One of the most underestimated qualities and serviceable measures we can take is allowing people to be wrong.  What a boring and stuck world if we were all right all the time.  Wrestling with all vantage points is finally what makes the abstract become real, if we’re willing to give it time.
  • The Opportunity To Be Wrong

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