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You are an intelligent, hard-working, successful professional.

The demands of your career are intense, and your family is no different. You wouldn’t change any of this for the world – except for hours in a day. If you had the time, you could likely figure out many of the financial issues that face you and your family. You’re ready to entertain off-loading the work required to be a responsible professional and family member.

Your concerns entail some or all the following:

Proper asset allocation as it pertains to your:

Retirement, Brokerage Accounts, and Education Savings

Real Estate: Primary Residence and Investment Properties

Stock Options





Mitigating Tax Liability

Balancing tax savings now with income tax planning for later

Deduction considerations

Estate and Probate Tax considerations

Estate Planning

Trust considerations

Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy

Gifting Strategies

Risk Management

Maximizing your company benefits

Needed additional coverage for untimely death, disability, long term care

Wealth transfer