The News, Real Issues, And Icebergs

By Mitch Custenborder | November 13, 2020

This year has provided lots of newsworthy events.  Reflecting on what is news and what are the real issues we face proves to be a meaningful exercise.  They’re often starkly different. At time of writing, Pfizer…

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What’s The Yield Of Worry?

By Mitch Custenborder | October 29, 2020

Worry is a useless emotion – an attempt to exert control over something unknown.  When we worry, usually what we’re left with is the same result regardless, but with a few less hours of sleep.  Ultimately,…

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Which Story Am I In?

By Mitch Custenborder | October 16, 2020

Story drives human progress, and our ability to subscribe to story is the greatest distinguishing characteristic between human beings and any other species. A key to living a content and wealthy life is to balance the…

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My 3 Cs Of Parenting

By Mitch Custenborder | September 25, 2020

Lately, I’ve been trying to simplify parenting to a few key principles.  The goal of the exercise was to lessen my corrective frame of mind.   “Stop doing that”, “leave that alone”, and “put that down” gets…

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Law And Disorder

By Mitch Custenborder | September 10, 2020

The universe relies on both order and chaos. It’s a prerequisite for evolution and progress. An example of chaos is the unpleasant phenomenon that our 4 ½ billion-year-old planet periodically experiences mass extinction.  And not just…

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The Plague of Righteousness

By Mitch Custenborder | August 20, 2020

We often care more about being right than doing what is right.  This has far reaching consequences. First, a quick story: “Combs!” This was the sound of my high school basketball coach grasping for straws as…

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Nowhere To Go

By Mitch Custenborder | August 7, 2020

Cue the Cat’s In The Cradle, get the melody and Harry Chapin’s voice stuck in your head.  Drift through all phases of life – those already experienced and those left to the imagination.  You might find…

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Don’t Follow Your Passion

By Mitch Custenborder | July 31, 2020

Do a quick YouTube search for graduation speeches and enjoy your endless supply of messaging that revolves around “following your passion”.  Maybe an alum who has made it big time or the ultimate celebrity that speaks…

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Taking Financial Advice From A 4-Year-Old

By Mitch Custenborder | July 24, 2020

Last weekend, I was walking to the beach with our 4-year-old (or “4 ½ !”, as he would say).  He asked: “Dad, are my friends going to be there?” I responded:   “Yea, buddy.  I’m pretty…

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To Be Honest…

By Mitch Custenborder | July 6, 2020

To be honest. In all honesty. Candidly. All cards on the table. And this is a true story. Different ways we all start sentences to let others know we’re extra serious this time and that every…

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