Long Mortgage? Anyone?

By Mitch Custenborder | September 30, 2019

In the last 12-18 months, I’ve fielded a lot of questions about mortgages and how they tie into your financial plan.  There seems to be a knee jerk reaction that not carrying a mortgage is your…

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Dancing with Your Fear and Greed

By Mitch Custenborder | September 18, 2019

In Q3, we typically revisit our client’s risk tolerance.  This year, that review seemed particularly applicable given the volatility we saw in the months of July and August.  I was curious what sort of responses we’d…

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My Investment Rules of Thumb

By Mitch Custenborder | September 9, 2019

Transportation/Destination first Your financial plan represents your transportation and destination(s), while your investment portfolio (among other items) are your fuel.  Most importantly, your plan is determined before you fuel the airplane.  Otherwise, our investment selection is…

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