Nowhere To Go

By Mitch Custenborder | August 7, 2020

Cue the Cat’s In The Cradle, get the melody and Harry Chapin’s voice stuck in your head.  Drift through all phases of life – those already experienced and those left to the imagination.  You might find…

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Don’t Follow Your Passion

By Mitch Custenborder | July 31, 2020

Do a quick YouTube search for graduation speeches and enjoy your endless supply of messaging that revolves around “following your passion”.  Maybe an alum who has made it big time or the ultimate celebrity that speaks…

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Taking Financial Advice From A 4-Year-Old

By Mitch Custenborder | July 24, 2020

Last weekend, I was walking to the beach with our 4-year-old (or “4 ½ !”, as he would say).  He asked: “Dad, are my friends going to be there?” I responded:   “Yea, buddy.  I’m pretty…

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To Be Honest…

By Mitch Custenborder | July 6, 2020

To be honest. In all honesty. Candidly. All cards on the table. And this is a true story. Different ways we all start sentences to let others know we’re extra serious this time and that every…

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Who Knows?

By Mitch Custenborder | June 2, 2020

There once was a farmer whose horse escaped.  His neighbor said, “Oh that’s terrible!”.  The farmer shrugged and said, “Who knows?”. The horse returned a day later with another horse.  The horse had made a friend.…

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The Difference Between Wealth And Money

By Mitch Custenborder | June 2, 2020

Wealth lasts forever.  Money comes and goes.  Wealth saves us time.  Money costs us time.  Wealth is how we’re remembered.  Money is our transfer vehicle.  Wealth is up to you and me.  Money is elusive. Wealth…

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A Game Of Inches Within A Life Of Decades

By Mitch Custenborder | May 3, 2020

Life is a game of inches. I heard some version of this a lot as a kid watching Cincinnati Reds baseball with my dad.  Nevermind the fact that watching Reds baseball during that era was (and…

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Now Is The Time To Think Infinitely About Your Money

By Mitch Custenborder | April 17, 2020

Simon Sinek, famous author and motivational speaker, has coined the term, ‘The Infinite Game’.  He won the internet lottery a decade ago with this speech that went viral and his fame has only grown.  I highly suggest…

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My Greatest Coronavirus Takeaway (So Far)

By Mitch Custenborder | April 3, 2020

None of us are independent. Last November, I wrote the following: “A young person is dependent on the financial resources of parents.  A gainfully employed person is dependent on a company to pay their wage and to maintain…

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The Top 3 Questions I Was Asked This Week And My Answers

By Mitch Custenborder | March 20, 2020

1.Should we sell now and get back in when the dust settles? This is perfectly understandable.  Until you’re staring down the barrel of your retirement and watching your life’s work dwindle in a matter of days/weeks,…

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