How To Plan AND Be In The Moment

By Mitch Custenborder | February 7, 2020

Sacrificing now for the future is a conundrum of personal finance.  The act of delaying happiness seems antithetical to being in the moment. Saving more money now, should lead to more fun and more financial freedom…

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Tranquility Needs Rebranding

By Mitch Custenborder | January 24, 2020

The title of this post comes from a quote in a recent podcast with Dax Shepard and Sam Harris that I’ll attempt to expand upon for all our financial well-beings.  Sam was referencing that a life…

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Make More Money By Doing Less

By Mitch Custenborder | January 15, 2020

Making more money is less about more relationships, more customers, more raises at work, and more on your calendar.  These are short-term solutions, that yes, will infuse your bank account.  However, they fall short of addressing…

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Why Stillness Can Make You Rich

By Mitch Custenborder | November 26, 2019

Please let me preface this post by the fact that my wife, Nikki, is more grounded than me.  I think about the future – a lot.  Which bodes well for clients; it doesn’t always for a…

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Financial Independence Is An Onion

By Mitch Custenborder | November 26, 2019

There are many complicated layers to being financially independent – like an onion.  First a quick personal story for analogy. I use Wednesday as a day to be less structured.  It’s my day to be in…

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“Get Off My Lawn” vs. “But This Job Isn’t My Passion”

By Mitch Custenborder | November 14, 2019

The topic of polarization has been covered at nauseum, especially in consideration of our current political landscape, but I’m going to give it a whirl from a slightly different angle – and, make the claim that…

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Finding Advice Applicable to You

By Mitch Custenborder | October 31, 2019

I recently wrote about the ‘expert mindset’ in Be Wary of the Expert.  The post was meant to encourage all of us to continually learn and be open to being wrong vs putting a stake in the…

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Fill Up That Tax Bracket for Uncle Sam (And You)

By Mitch Custenborder | October 25, 2019

We all have a silent business partner.  His name is Uncle Sam.  He requests that you buy him out before you take your money home.  He gets a bad rap, but he’s not a bad guy. …

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Be Wary of the Expert

By Mitch Custenborder | October 10, 2019

If only I could take credit for this recent Tweet by an industry colleague: Me: Oh, that’s interesting.  I’m not familiar with that designation.  What’s it stand for? Other finance dude: Ummmmm, I don’t really remember. …

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$1,000 Decisions vs $100,000 Decisions

By Mitch Custenborder | October 3, 2019

$1,000 decisions are important.  Managing your cash flow is important.  If ignored, they can add up to much larger concerns.  $100,000 decisions are even more important.  Because they are often less obvious, more abstract, beyond conventional…

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