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You've worked hard your whole life.

Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You’ve seen your share of stock brokers and insurance salespeople.  But, what you really seek now involves far more than a rate of return.  Your planning involves preserving what you’ve saved, navigating medical insurance, planning for longevity, and being tax efficient with your legacy.

Your concerns entail some or all the following:

Income Planning as it pertains to your:

Retirement and brokerage accounts

Real Estate: Primary Residence and Investment Properties

Downsizing questions

Mitigating Tax Liability

Roth Conversion considerations

Tax loss harvesting

Required Minimum Distribution strategies

Estate and Probate Tax considerations

Estate Planning

Trust considerations

Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy

Gifting Strategies

Risk Management

Wealth preservation

Medical insurance concerns (i.e. Medicare, supplement coverage, long term care insurance)

Wealth transfer

Retire and Leave A Legacy

Are you ready to preserve what you saved and leave a legacy to your family? I can answer your questions and guide you to preserving what you have saved over the years.